As the first of its kind on Lake Chelan we're here to give you the experience of a lifetime!  We offer personalized boat trips to over 10 of Chelan's finest wineries.  Sit back, sip champagne, listen to your favorite music all while our captains navigate the beautiful waters of Lake Chelan.  Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday get-togethers and everything in between we strive to make this an individualized experience for each group, including donating to the charity of your choice.


We will have water and sunscreen available for all on board.  We invite you to bring your favorite drinks or snacks as we'll have plenty of time to relax on the water.  A schedule will be in place for each group, but please remember this experience is YOURS.  If you have a specific itinerary in mind please let us know.

Tours will start promptly at 10:45 AM at a predefined meeting area.  We will spend 15 minutes going over safety requirements and then we hit the water.  The experience will last roughly 5 hours (from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM).  As mentioned above we will be visiting roughly 10 wineries so please pace yourselves! 

While the above schedule will be adhered to, participants will have the ability to amend the schedule at any point during or prior, to their experience. 


Additional items of note:

  • alcohol WILL NOT be served on the vessel; participants will be allowed to bring alcohol on board

  • one life jacket will be available for every person aboard the vessel

  • water will be available to every person on board

  • pets will not be allowed onboard